TED2012: James Andrews Gives Social Media Predictions for 2012

TED2012: James Andrews Gives Social Media Predictions for 2012

Wednesday 29th February: In this exclusive video, Dewar's captures a unique insight into the first day of the TED2012 conference in Long Beach.

Ronda Carnegie, Head of Global Partnerships at TED introduces this year's conference and what will be covered over the next week.

The video also features the unveiling of the Dewar's Hub, a revolutionary interactive experience that distils and visualises real time conversations from Twitter. 

Social Media Commentator James Andrews reveals why social media - and the Dewar's Hub - are so important to the TED Conference. He also gives his predictions on what 2012 will bring for social media and whether the rise of new social networks such as Pinterest will change the way in which people connect and interact online.

The Dewar’s Hub will make its first appearance at the TED conference from 27th February – 2nd March, which brings together a diverse group of speakers to deliver exciting multisensory talks in 18 minutes or less. Past speakers include have included Bill Gates, Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson.

Installed at the creativity lab, the LED screen will display all tweets and conversations around TED in real-time. Motion detection technology will capture hand movement, allowing users to physically stir and manipulate the TED Twitter activity on the screen and bring forward topics of interest.

The installation can also be accessed remotely. Both TED attendees and those outside the conference will be able to explore different themes and conversation strands by tweeting search requests to the installation @dewarshub. They will then be sent an automated visualisation of their search results to their twitter account, which will also be displayed on the screen itself. This allows the installation to be accessed and manipulated from anywhere in the world, making it fully interactive and one of the first of its kind.

By extending participation to the global TED community as well as those at the talks, the Dewar’s Hub will capture all of the conversations happening on Twitter, triggered and inspired by the conference, and give all users the chance to create their own special blend of information based on their interests.

The OpenFrameworks platform used will ensure the Hub delivers an Open real-time experience for users that has unlimited potential beyond TED Long Beach; the unique interactivity combined with the ability to sort the information makes it a highly intuitive tool that could collate public opinion on a wide range of issues.

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