What is the Perfect Halloween Horror Film?

What is the Perfect Halloween Horror Film?

Horror films play to our greatest fears and phobias and whether you're a scary movie junkie or more of a hide-under-the-blanket kind of viewer, there is nothing better than watching a horror movie over Halloween.

So what is it that makes the perfect horror movie? Is it the tension generated by suspense, mystery, terror, shock, and gore or is it the personal relevance and our own fear of death, or is it the unrealism that makes horror films so alluring?

To coincide with the dark nights setting in, Old Speckled Hen has brought back the Halloween special Old Spooky Hen, which is available to purchase until Halloween (31st October). To celebrate the launch of this limited edition takeover, Old Speckled Hen has created a short-horror film which gives a nod to some of our favourite horror movies, both new and old. (Available to view here: https://www.facebook.com/OldSpeckledHen/ )

The hair-raising ale, rich and distinctive ale, Old Spooky Hen, has looked at the Top 5 Highest Grossing Horror Films of all-time* and extracted a key element from each in order to show what makes the Perfect Horror Movie!

The perfect horror film would feature a clown, at least one alien, lashings of pea soup, a great big shark and a twist ending… Crumbs! You’d need to have an Old Spooky Hen in your hand to make it through all that. 

Old Spooky Hen is available to buy now in selected stores including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda until Tuesday October 31st.

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