Do you have Distraction Disease?

Do you have Distraction Disease?

We want to hear from you about how you gather news in a distracted world where the rise in mobile news consumption has seen the traditional press release take a backseat, but brands are still vying for your attention.

The race for attention in a non-stop world of digital distraction is not just changing the way brands engage with their target audience, it is impacting the way journalists and bloggers package content for their readers and viewers. 

According to some reports, our attention span for applied focus has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since 2000, resulting in a skip culture. But the reality is that a great story will still grab an audience, even with the skip button being ever present. 

As brands look for more creative ways to get their stories in front of the media, and journalists want more readily available packaged multimedia content, the online media centre is more important than ever.

To help us make the next generation of media centres even more relevant for you, we want to hear from you about how and why you use online media centres and how its content helps you create stories.

To complete the survey online please click on the link HERE.

Entries close at midday on 27/07/17