300,000 people living with undetected Glaucoma in the UK

300,000 people living with undetected Glaucoma in the UK

Monday 13th March see the launch of World Glaucoma Week.

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged where it leaves the eye, resulting in misty and patchy vision and a gradual loss of sight. It is one of the main causes of sight loss globally, affecting 64 million people worldwide and 600,000 Britons.

Research shows that 300,000 people are living in the UK with undetected glaucoma, many of whom don’t realise that an eye test is the only way to detect the condition. Glaucoma is one of the biggest causes of preventable sight loss, yet 31% of people are unaware that glaucoma runs in families – and 72% of those in at risk groups don’t realise they are at an increased risk.

Boston resident and chairman of the town football club, Michael Vines, has a close family history of glaucoma, as his mother previously experienced the condition. A year ago, Michael first noticed a problem with his eyes and made an appointment at his local Vision Express. Although Michael had no other symptoms, following his eye test the Vision Express optometrist referred him to a consultant. After further tests Michael was diagnosed with glaucoma in his right eye.

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