NHS care improved and money saved by specialist rheumatology pharmacist

NHS care improved and money saved by specialist rheumatology pharmacist

  • Improved care for over 580 patients on biological immunosuppressing therapy for their rheumatology through better monitoring and clinical reviews.
  • Improved patient safety through more robust prescribing and screening processes.
  • Six figure savings for the NHS Trust through efficient systems and avoiding waste.
  • Local initiative recognised nationally, with wider roll out of similar pharmacists recommended.

Patients with rheumatology arthritis treated at an NHS hospital in Bristol have sung the praises of NHS pharmacist and winner of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s I Love My Pharmacist Award 2015, Emily Rose. Emily, working with doctors and nurses in the Rheumatology Department at North Bristol NHS Trust’s Southmead Hospital has introduced an innovative service that improves their care and reduces medicines waste   - a national problem that costs the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds* a year. 

Emily, an NHS hospital pharmacist who monitors and prescribes medication, introduced a new service in 2014 that to date has saved thousands of pounds in efficiency savings and improved the care of over 580 patients  who are prescribed biological therapies. 

Pharmacists carrying out roles like the one performed by Emily have been the subject of national attention as the NHS looks for solutions to improve care within NHS hospitals when finances are tight.